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Start with a plan & finish with results

Our collection offers you options for every mood, every face cut and every budget. The Aviators for the ‘oh-so-stylish’ sunny days, photochromic for effortless adjusting between dark nights or the bright lights, along with a wide array of stylish eyewear including Browline, Retro Square, Round, Wayfarers, Club Masters, Wrap Around , Cat- Eye and Oversized Sunglasses. You’ll always get a pair, you wish to wear.

SAFETY: All our sunglasses are equipped with UV protected polarized lenses, so as to always let you be carefree under the sun. It doesn’t just provide you protection from sun, but also guarantee minimum glare while being completely scratch free at the same time. We have an exclusive range of sunglasses to address everyone’s fascination. Be them the kids, teenagers or the adults, there’s something for everyone. Inspired by the latest trends, our designs are made to delight every faction of the style conscious generations, regardless of age.


Why Us?

We are style conscious as well quality conscious.

We are fashion enthusiasts just like you and we wish to contribute to your stylish image!

We ensure to keep your eyes safe from exposure to the harmful rays of the sun with our UV protected sunglasses.

Our sunglasses use polarized lenses that scatter the intense sunlight and hence reduce the glare which can be annoying and blinding. This anti-glare feature not only benefits and ensures the safety of outdoor enthusiasts but it also protects people who are sensitive to intense light, or may have undergone cataract surgery. Enjoy high visibility and minimum reflected glare.

The younger generation is a little too obsessed with stylish sunglasses. We cater to all their fancy desires like no other.

From moms and dads to little princesses and princes we got something for everyone!