Company’s Philosophy

At Velocity Opticals we strive to strike a perfect balance of affordability, quality, style and variety! We do not believe in the notion that high quality, stylish and fancy products can be bought only by spending a big chunk of cash! Hence we want to change the way people shop for their favorite eyewear. Yes! It can be economical, it can be trendy and it can be of prime quality too! All our pairs of sunglasses and optical frames are friendly on the consumer’s pocket as well as easily available as we cater to the country’s remotest areas.

Our goal is not just business gains. We believe in putting humanity over profitability! Hence we consistently work on the price tags so that our fellow human beings get the eye care they deserve and desire!

Not just as an organization, we desire to grow as a community. Hand in Hand!

Our Vision

We envision a community that can flaunt the most desirable eye-wear and can grab them at affordable prices. We believe that eyesight is a precious gift and so we want to gift the world the safest, trendiest and most affordable eye-wear for daily and fancy use. We are always on the move!