About us

Samantha August once said “There is no such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses”. Isn’t it true? Without trendy sunglasses, no style file ever looks complete!

Whether it is a fun day at the beach or a soulful shopping spree outdoors, you definitely need that one companion that not only contributes to your stylish persona but also gives you the much needed sense of ease! SUNGLASSES! Sunglasses are an everyday item and so they should never ever go out of style! They have been a part of our closets since times immemorial and the demand for them only seems to be increasing. To suit your lifestyle or a even a sport, at Velocity Opticals, you can choose new styles everyday!

While a colorful variety and modern designs make us stand out but attention to detail is our prime feature. With a lot of careful study, research and analysis we create sunglasses that suit your everyday use and casual use. After all, creating happy wearers is our motto!

Our range of sunglasses is trendy, stylish yet economical which makes your casual or street style complete. Not just easy to wear they are also easy on your pocket. We bring to you an array of sunglasses that are functional, stylish, quality tested and affordable.

Variety is the key

Our collection comprises of uncountable options for every face and for every budget. Enjoy the sunny days with our “oh-so-stylish” collection of Aviators, Browline, Retro Square, Round, Wayfarers, Club Masters, Wrap Around , Cat- Eye, Oversized sunglasses. You get the pair you wish to wear! Own one or gift one, Velocity Opticals has a pair for each face to flaunt!

Something for every age

Why just adults? Let’s be honest! Sunglasses fascinate even the young ones. Don’t they? And therefore, we take the onus of fulfilling their fascination with various sunglasses styles designed for kids. So that even the style conscious generation of the little ones feels so trendy and cool! The innocent yet youthful designs will not only add that touch of delight to their childhood but they will also keep their eyes safe. So keep styling them in a different way as frequently as they want!


All our sunglasses are equipped with UV protected polarized lenses. So relax and go carefree under the sun! You will be safeguarded from the harmful UV rays, the glass won’t scratch and there is minimum glare guaranteed.

Why us


  • 1 We are style conscious as well quality conscious.
  • 2 We are fashion enthusiasts just like you and we wish to contribute to your stylish image!
  • 3 Our collection is a mixed bag of trendy and affordable sunglasses to ensure you do not fall short of options to choose from. At the same time, they come easy on your pocket.
  • 4 We ensure to keep your eyes safe from exposure to the harmful rays of the sun with our UV protected sunglasses.
  • 5 Our sunglasses use polarized lenses that scatter the intense sunlight and hence reduce the glare which can be annoying and blinding. This anti-glare feature not only benefits and ensures the safety of outdoor enthusiasts but it also protects people who are sensitive to intense light, or may have undergone cataract surgery. Enjoy high visibility and minimum reflected glare!
  • 6 The younger generation is a little too obsessed with stylish sunglasses. We cater to all their fancy desires like no other.
  • 7 From moms and dads to little princesses and princes we got something for everyone!

Go ahead! Complete your summer essentials with our flattering and trendy sunglasses.